Multi-projectile skills targetting behaviour

I’ve just started a Primalist (to try @Cujo’s Spriggan Shaman) & while I’m levelling with Ice Thorns, I’m a bit confused by their targeting. If there’s only a single target within range, why do all of them target it & circle round it? Hungering Souls has similar behaviour but that’s worse since all of the projectiles will pass through the target making it appear as though they can hit it.

Would it be possible for these kind of skills to only have 1 projectile target a mob & if there are no other valid targets in range, the other projectiles just bog off & do their own thing?

Hey Llama8, im sure you wont regret that choice of build :laughing:

Im not really sure if youre asking why they actually do it, or if youre saying thats it an annoying behaviour.

But if its the first its because its a homing skill and multiple thorns cant hit the same target, so i guess the thorns that doesnt hit just get confused when the target has been hit. Same with Hungering, a taget isnt able to be possesed multiple time at once.
(I doubt you didnt know this, and are just asking why its implemented this way, but just trying to be helpful)

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It’s an annoying behaviour & looks “bad”.

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Agree on that, also one of the reasons i never use that skill offensively, only thing i use it for is that bit of extra defense, when a char have a skill slot that isnt used for anything else.

(actually not entirely true, as im making a build where ice thorns is the main damage skill, but its a quite different build where the char doesnt have to cast it, and they wont be homing)

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