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I allow myself to launch this topic because apart from the streams that I don’t watch because I don’t have time, I would still like to have news on the progress of the development of the game because I worry a lot about the future of the game, at this time, more than ever, there is a lot of good hack n slash that comes out, I think in particular to undecember that is incredible as well as Diablo IV that will soon come out the tip of his nose
many features of last epoch make me think that this could be widely THE games that could dethrone Diablo IV if this one comes to screw up its launch, Last epoch has a potential that is incredible, being a big fan of craft theory, The craft of stuff, the talent tree, how to bring her unique items etc., all I like about this game, the only thing that fishes and this is what I hear a lot about French streams is the mutlijoueur which currently is not present and so a lot of people think that it takes a lot of fun on the games

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The best place to find updates other than in the Dev Blog posts are:

  1. In the dev leaks post that @AndrewTilley keeps updated based on input from streams and elsewhere.
  1. On the #ask the devs not support channel on the LE Discord server.

Edit: Multiplayer information is available here 24/7 Closed Multiplayer Alpha Begins Today and you can apply to try out the closed alpha testing Multiplayer (if you want and are accepted) here Community Tester Program

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Beyond the multiple developer blogs already mentioned you can read the nearly 8 hours of Multiplayer Dev Q&A with both Zizaran and Steelmage that took place on September 14 and 15 which I’ve transcribed in the threads below:

If you’re interested to know basically everything the developers have ever said about trade you can read through this thread, but be sure to continue reading beyond the original post as there’s several updates posted within that provide additional information:

From all these dev blogs, streams, and elsewhere you can (thus far) expect the following in patch 0.9:

  • server authoritative multiplayer
  • performance improvements
  • combat feel improvements
  • some form of item transfer (trade)
  • cosmetic store (in a minimum viable state, or “beta state”)
  • updated story content & UI
  • new and/or reworked skills
  • updated skill VFX/SFX
  • update to ailments - both mechanical & performance changes
  • update to melee, bow, and throwing damage - mechanical change
  • new Unique items, enemies, NPC’s, armour, etc. – some of which are viewable in the aforementioned Dev Q&A - We’ve sprung a leak! thread
  • the usual bug fixes and balancing changes
  • and likely more that hasn’t been announced yet

As for when this patch is releasing, it doesn’t yet have a release date but the developers are currently aiming for sometime before year’s end, if possible. Though, as it nears closer to year’s end it could very well get pushed into next year but, regardless, a release date will be provided in a future development update when the developers are certain the date can be hit. That said, multiplayer is currently in closed alpha testing with those in the Community Tester Program.

For more developer responses about a possible multiplayer release timeline, the following are from recent developer streams. Firstly, when this question is brought up during the dev streams, EHG_Kain provides this answer in the comments:

In the dev stream on October 28th, this was asked and I’ve transcribed Mike’s response:

In the dev stream on November 4th, this was asked and I’ve transcribed Mike’s response:

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