When muitplayer is released and we start new characters will these charscters stay when the game is released or will there be a reset

your current characters are currently stored locally on your pc. They won’t be able to be played online but they also wont be deleted. You can still play them solo if you so choose.

No i know that. I mean, when MP is released which i assume will be before game is released, will the online character we create in beta be moved to offline solowhen game is released creating a fresh restart “online” or will we get to continue using them. Idk if i wanna restart 3 times lol.

My understanding is that there will be a complete wipe of online characters before release.

There are no online chars to begin with if I’m not wrong. If they transfer the toons we have now it will be a fault in my eyes. They should simply use the online mode as a start over to get actual numbers to see how things changed and how bareable they are.

I believe @Boardman21 and @Jerle are discussing whether online characters created later in the game’s beta will be deleted when the game transitions from beta to official release. You’re correct that, in builds currently available to the community, characters are client-side.

Now that you say it lol. Well a wipe at release is the most normal thing to do and I hope this will happen or properly communicated if not and why not ^^.

As Jerle says, the current plan is that there will be a wipe at release - though it is still quite far away, so it’s not something we have discussed a great deal thus far.

I don’t think it’d be appropriate for people to have a dozen level 100 characters on day one. If there was a lot of requests for, say, existing characters to be retained but reset to level one so that chat commands would show their original (pre-release) creation dates and playtime… we would consider it. I think that would mostly be decided by how much work it would be.

It’s natural for people to grow attached to their characters, so I imagine there’ll be some feedback on the subject as the game approaches release - and we’ll discuss the feedback we get and see where it goes from there. Can’t say much beyond that at this early stage. :slight_smile:

checks my sentinel creation date in panic :fearful:

Well i suppose its as the saying goes “third times a charm” :slight_smile: At least experience will carry over :stuck_out_tongue:

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