MTX suggestion

Hey, I have 2 suggestions for MTX maybe other people would as well like one or both of these
1 Possibility to buy MTX for outer looks of your Chest, personaly that would be so cool to buy (just the outer visual of the chest not the stash tabs, they would remain the same
2. Stash tab for collecting uniques, same one that POE has (I believe it is not something that is on contrary with your believes that you are selling stash tabs)

Thank you for you attention

EHG has already said. They wont sell QoL like poe does.

My understanding is if something like uniques tab were to be add. It would be added to the base game for all players rather than having to buy it.

Same thing with loot pets that has been brought up. If that were to happen EHG would give all players a basic loot pet for free.

As for uniques tab. U can already do this in game. Just label the tab as uniques and add more of them when the others get full. Yes i know its not the same as what POE has. In the end it does the exact same thing.

Stash MTX for the chest tho would be cool to have.

It is entirely different.
What I would like is a tab to collect uniques, as in, show me which ones I don’t have yet, to motivate me to try and find them all. Pokemon-style, capture them all!
Can’t remember how PoE does it, haven’t played for years, but as an example I would give Undecember, their collection tabs for uniques and runes are pretty cool.


Only difference with POEs uniques tab is ur able to see what uniques u dont have yet. Altho thats if u know the name of it. Dont remember if it shows the names or not. I do know it shows the shape of said uniques.

Other than this its pretty much the exact same thing.

Would be a cool thing to have in game tho. For those that would love the challenge of an LE version of D2s holy grail

PoE’s unique stash tab has the names and shapes of the unique, whether or not you have it, and it separates them by item type (boots, amulets, maps, wands, axes, etc). It also has afiinity, but that’s a separate thing.


I forgot POEs uniques tab. Also sorted them by item types. Been a yr or so since i last played POE

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yes exactly that stash that will show uniques that you dont have to collect them

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