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I may have missed it if someone started a thread on this, but if not I wanted to throw a little input. Seeing as how people are commonly comparing this game to PoE as it will be a competitor, do you have ideas on prices for items, bundles ect? I’ve put my share into PoE and my last payment will most likely be my last for a long time and put some love elsewhere possibly. Personally, I never really purchased items on their own, it was more a few supporter packs. Seeing their store prices, I can’t believe how much money some stuff is. I honestly would never buy stuff at some of their prices until they were so outdated and dropped substantially if at all. I understand it takes time and skill to create some of these masterpieces, but at the same time it’s digital MTX that can be simply applied to someone’s account to be used so in my mind I feel like it doesn’t hurt to cut the price which may even be $5-$10 less. I guess it really comes down to what type of money market you’re targeting. I think PoE kinda targets the upper medium “whale” group, but on the bright side they provide daily deals and big weekend deals which I only spend my points on then since I think their non-sale items are overpriced.

Hi there,

I’m afraid I can’t offer precise prices at the moment.

I would say that one factor in the cost of MTX is whether a game is Free To Play.

Yes I agree it changes prices depending on f2p or b2p game. Although for the example of PoE I still believe their prices are still very high. It’s been working for them though but again I think a lot of it has to do with their daily sales and weekend sales. Also they have mentioned a lot of their income is from new releases that bring new supporter packs. If anything you guys could throw together a test MTX shop and throw your own prices and get feedback for it before full release.

The shop’s difficult.

On the one hand, we’ve sold packs containing cosmetics and currency for the store. On the other, if one of the first things we add to the game during the alpha stage of development is a real money store, that could give off the wrong kind of impression. I’ll mention to the team that there’s curiosity about our prices.

Yes it can give off the wrong impression, but you guys never promised not to do so. Like Pubg said they wouldn’t do loot boxes or anything before release, yet they went against that and started doing it during beta and caused a major uproar. With you guys to my knowledge not mentioning it being included or not included sometime in beta, you can dip a little into it unless it’s not worth resources this early and focus on the main game for the alpha / beta stages. I played a couple games that were able to use some of their resources to get a small store going to get feedback and all the money spent would be returned to the customers in store points of the same value once game wipes / goes into release. I also noticed a screenshot with a cosmetics tab and quickly noticed it looked copy pasted from PoE. It’s not a bad spot, but just weary of people’s reactions. For me, I don’t care either way, just looking out.

My guess is that for some people, adding it too early in the process would make it feel like it’s a more important aspect of the game than the devs intend.

The LE team has been pretty open about gameplay, story, and world building being at the core of their values, and adding in an MTX shop too early would likely give the impression to some people that it’s a smokescreen. It’s probably more productive for the team (both for themselves and for how supporters perceive their actions) that they focus on the gameplay, story, and world building as much as possible, at least during the alpha.

Obviously, at some point the mtx shop will need to be inserted, so that it can be tested and debugged before release, but that seems like a later stage beta thing to me.

For sure. It’s still way too early for it. I just figured I would get the discussion going and can be reflected upon again when it’s more likely they can start focusing on the shop. Priority so far seems in the right place with them with getting the classes worked on and available, gameplay and mechanics. Baby steps for now.

I think this is a difficult question to answer for now, not just because the devs might be focusing on the actual game itself; but also, I think Judd mentioned the idea is to have a range of mtx - from the cheap to the really expensive (and over the top).


I guess the question then becomes for what kind of quality of mtx do you get at each price point.