[MP] Baby Scorpions from Primalist Scorpion Get Bugged Switching Between Monoliths

The baby scorpions the primalist scorpion spawns won’t be transferred to the monolith echo zones. They are also not spawned in echo zones unless the scorpion itself is despawned and respawned again.


Can confirm everything that was said here.

Yup, can’t spawn baby scorpions in echo. They only spawn in safezone and are summoned one by one, not all in one cast.

Was about to report this as well, baby scorpions don’t get transported into the echo when you join another player and probably are left behind on the hub. This leaves quite a bit of damage behind, if you build around the scorpion.

Same problem here. Babies are not despawned and respawned automatically when entering a node. Only workaround so far : re-summon Scorpion.

Meanwhile we have May, Patch 0.9k and the problem still exists.

This problem has still not been fixed, really frustrating as the baby scorpions feel really fun.

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