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I know that this has been brought on many occasions but after playing the game for a week I can say that the pace of the game is way to slow, please increase the base movement speed of both the character and the monsters.

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Please, try and get boots with 55% movement speed and try out whirlwind with 3 points into the increased movement speed after casting rebuke with a point in +15 movement speed after channeling and you will see why the game doesn’t need to be any faster :smile:
Oh, I also forgot movement speed rings and passive points

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I agree that there are mechanics in the game that significantly increase the MS, however this corners the player to either chase specific prefix and sacrifices other potential benefits or play a slow pacing game.

Also what about range characters that heavily rely on mobility/player reflex to avoid being hit, at this stage the 55% MS boots are more than a must have for such a play-stile (excluding the fact that we still don’t have a range character with bows and such).

For me specifically it feels like a punishment that a choice at the moment.

I think it’s class specific. As a sentinel and mage I have no issue, the game feels great, you got a lot of mobility. But then playing as a necromancer or druid it feels very slow. Even using double silver rings and high movespeed boots it’s super sluggish,

Long cooldown on primalist leap makes close combat builds feel awkward at best but mostly just clunky and slow. Even if you spec into it, the only way to decrease it’s cooldown is by killing stuff, what? C’mon.
Besides that, I think it’s pretty weird being bound to leap as a spell caster or pet summoner, how they don’t get any aspects or forms that increase their mobility it mindboggling to me. But maybe it’s coming?

Necromancer you can atleast get their teleport, but even then it feels bad because you will be leaving your pets behind constantly. Honestly I think necromancers would benefit from a group tp so their pets got pulled along.

Sentinel using Lunge to go from pack to pack feels awesome, same once you get move speed on Warpath, even better once you get Devouring Orb. All in all, the class just feels very smooth to play to me.

And mage, well, teleport - Need I say more? It just feels great with a 3 second cooldown.

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So far I have played only with Sentinel, I have one character that is Hammarding and basically I Lunce to a pack stand still and let my hammers do the killing and the second one is WW build but I have taken the decrease in speed talent.

But I cannot stop feeling that the game is slow in pace.

When I used to play PoE I didn’t have that feeling, nor with D2, Torchlight or when I was testing out Wolcen. I will not comment D3 because well speed is the name of the game there and yes I like how you melt thought enemies with the speed of light and finish 80+ rift in 2 3 min this places the game as a whole in a really thigh spot and I don’t want to see it here.

Heavymental, getting lunge to 2 second cooldown is a good start. On my hammer I only have to cast a couple of times then I’m on to the next pack, so doesnt really feel like im standing still anymore then any other character.

As far as your Warpath build goes I assume your talking about the talent where you cant move? In either case, just respec it, it doesn’t take long to get it to a functional point.
Get a point in Quicksilver then when you’ve filled out the mana reduction nodes grab another. It feels very nice with all that movespeed.

For primalist I’ve been really happy with the speed boost from the tornado node. And regarding boots, even in PoE MS is one of the most sought after stats because of the speed meta so I don’t see why it is a problem here. Wanna go fast? Get MS and rip through. There are always options and you can always adjust your build to your preferred playstyle.
Indeed Sentinel has a great feel to Lunge and potentially shield charge for mobility. But I’d hate to see this game also become a speed junkie drug

Username1, I just saw what I have written under PS… I meant to say that it feels like that WW decreases speed, the talent itself, sorry for the confusion.

Morghulisata, I too don’t want the game to be as you put it a speed junkie’s drug, maybe I have been playing too much D3 recently but currently I have 23% MS increase in total and it feels okay, anything less burdens me.

That’s reasonable HeavyMental. With all the MS I’m chilling at 85% with my Warpath. I would also feel quite sluggish having only 23% so I’d definitely suggest grabbing some more.

The speed is fine.


Aye please don’t turn this game into a poe clear speed meta before the game is even released I got tired of that in a week. You actually feel accomplishment killing things atm because it takes some work…plus you can craft boots up to 50+ ms and like was said above rings passives.

Look for boots with a ms+ implicit and a ms+ prefix. ( or suffix i forget.)


Thank you for the feedback!

We’ll be discussing the movement speed disparity and whether it is too extreme at our next meeting. Thank you for including your build information in your posts - that is very helpful.


Please don’t get me wrong I dont want the end product to be PoE clone, I am just saying that a small boost in the MS will be helpful and that stacking up to 70% + feels well broken.

I posted another thread where I suggested inherited bonuses, maybe we will see different base MS for different classes

I wouldn’t mind seeing an increase on base movement speed accompanied by a reduction in movement speed on items.

And I 100% agree that monsters are too slow right now.

My take on this topic is that when there is a big fluctuation of movement speed between players Avatars in ARPG´s it makes grouping very hard.

Look at Diablo 3 for example; those Whirl-winding high movement speed Barbarians are practically soloing because no one else can keep up with them. Or even Path of Exile and Grim Dawn where low level toons move as through Syrup.

I think the bigger the Move fluctuation the worse it becomes for grouping purposes.

There is a reason that in Diablo 2 the differences between slow and fast moving characters wasn’t that high and that we still use Diablo 2 as a metric on how to make successful ARPGs.

I agree with the OP though the basic movement speed is too low but I also think that move differences between toons should be somewhat similar.
Maybe increase the basic move speed while lowering the max ditto?

//Love the game btw and very impressed with how fast the game is evolving.


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