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Movement Speed and Skill Damage

I have 2 Mourningfrost boots. The first ones have 2% more movement speed than the second ones and 26% less increased freeze rate multiplier than the second ones.
My Detonating Arrow skill deals more damage with the first boots than with the second ones (8692 vs 8658). Same with Flurry skill (5072 vs 5054).
I don’t understand why.

Someone has an explanation ? Can I trust the damage of skills shown in game ?

Hey there!
Theres a passive node in the Rogue tree that increases damage with movement speed. I guess you skilled this so the 2% more movement speed scale your damage.

The passive is Agility ?
Thanks for your answer.

Don’t know the name and have no access to the game currently. So… maybe? :wink::grin:

Yep its the Agility node. With Marksman its pretty easy to reach between 50-60% movementspeed and also one of the best defensive stat you can get for this mastery. So 5 points are definetly worth it for most marksman builds to push dmg/speed and survivability.

Rogue is gotta go fast - as in they actually get rewarded for movement speed with extra damage because of one of their skills. There is even a monolith running build that stacks movespeed and oneshots everything.