Movement Skills Suggestion

Again, here’s another issue I don’t see being discussed that I noticed:
For all characters, their movement skills should avoid terrain walls.
For example:
– Why can’t the mage’s teleport go between walkways in the Soul Bastion that are no more than 5m apart?
– Why can’t you Fury Leap down to skip a flight of stairs?
– Why can’t you Shift through a small ROCK ON THE GROUND?


Suggested Solution: Server determines the endpoint of the movement skill to determine if it is a valid endpoint location that will not cause a toon to get stuck. If it is open, allow the movement to occur.

Because there’s an unpassable gap inbetween. Skills can pass through walls but not if there’s a void inbetween them. Additionally, the game calculates the walkable distance between the start point & destination to see if it’s valid.

I think some movement skills require there to be a valid path from the start to end point rather than that the end point is valid.

I get why it happens. I am simply pointing out it shouldn’t…

I remember back in the days when I joined the EA for LE I asked that question.

From what I can recall its like that:
At first you could teleport without restrictions. But you could also end up in locations you were not supposed to be. So the fix was that you only can teleport (or jump) to a location that also has a walkable path to it.

So you can jump over gaps or up and down stairs, but the walkable path has to be visible on your screen.

I think Mike said that they wanted to look at this when they would have a solution to not end up in forbidden locations.

Today I think they want to keep it that way for balance purposes. Else as a mage, acolyte or primalist you could take shortcuts that are not availible to movement skills like lunge or shift, that need a direct line of sight from start to end. To not offer this unfair advantage to specific classes it might stay as it is right now (and I also think it should stay this way).

The solution is better level design so that a place where you can’t teleport looks like a place where you can’t teleport.
At the moment everything is incredibly inconsistent.
There are stubborn pebbles that will stop you in your track completely, and there are entire walls you can phase through with shield rush.

An unfair advantage withe respect to what? different classes are already differently zoomy in several ways, this would only be another aspect where the classes differ.

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