Movement Bug - Character can't move

These pictures don’t explain much. Finished the first timeline boss in outcasts, character just couldn’t move, shift and sync strike couldn’t be used. Lost an LP chest, annoying!

Player.log (4.7 MB)

i had the same issue today after my timeline boss in fate of the outcasts, can’t reach the npc to finish the quest

Interesting. I had this happen with Sentinel’s Lunge. Wider than just a single movement skill by the looks. In my case, I found a workaround where popping a quick-lived rebuke allowed me to move again.

Happened again; it seems that rogue can shift into unnavigable terrain, becoming trapped inside.

The same thing happened to me with a bladedancer. I selected either lethal mirage, synchronized strike, or shadow cascade (I can’t recall which now) to get movement working again. i was able to complete the quest and picked up LP armor and a key.

I had same problem like original poster. I used shield rush and got stuck in this obstacle on ground. However I managed to get out somehow, but can’t remember how.

We had a similar report come in yesterday. It seems that, for some reason, Players are able to stand in areas that used to have destructible objects that is sometimes treated as walkable and sometimes not which is causing Players to get stuck in areas that the game thinks they shouldn’t be able to traverse.

We’re aware of this issue and are tracking it internally.

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I have the issue, that when I transform to Spriggan form, I cant move. All other forms can move. Doesnt matter where I stand.

Spawned into a Monolith ( Ritual Lake ) and cant move at all, if i Lung i get frozen and have to use an attack skill to get out of it still in the same spot