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Movement alternative to mouse click

I’m aware that his has been posted some months ago but it’s important to me (and hopefully for others) so I dare to bring this up again.

For now the only way to move is the mouse click but this also is an attack if you click any destructible. If you need to move quickly to get out of harms way the mouse click can be tricky as you need to find a spot that is not occupied by mobs. Usually that works ok although there is a delay (finding the spot and then click). However it is problematic if

  1. there are lot of mobs filling almost all the scene
  2. the mob(s) have a rather huge hitbox
  3. the current area has little room to manoeuvre (i.e. you click a spot where you cannot go)

Maybe my lacking of the skills here but I’ve died several times because of the above. Classical example is Lagon who has a big hitbox and the combat takes place on a rather small stage.

An alternative, additional option to move (I do not insist on wasd) would have prevented those frustrating deaths. Please, dear developers, look into it again.

Cheers Euclid

I’m sorry if I don’t understand your statement correctly, but wouldn’t enabling ‘move only’ on your left click simply solve your problem?


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: And not really, you still have to click on a spot that is “free” to move there (see all 3 points above). But I guess this is a “feature” of all ARPGs and I need to get used to it (practise more :wink: ) . An alternative movement option, say arrow keys, would allow to move instantly and reliably without the need to find such a spot.

Cheers Euclid

You might be interested in this thread:

It seems like we will get something new next patch, that will help movement feel mroe smooth and responsive.

This might eliminate some of the scenarios, that you are unhappy with, certainyl not all, but some.

Have you tried with a gamepad/controller?

@ Heavy: Thanks a lot for this update on the situation. I’m glad to learn that it’s not only me. The video shows exactly what I mean. As it demonstrates you click some place which prevents any movement. While this is usually not too bad it will be a rather big issue if you are in the heat of a battle. Let’s hope a future patch will address this issue.

@ Llama8: I’m old school, meaning mouse & keyboard but I’m also using Razer Tartarus V2 which is of no use here as you cannot remap the walk key.

Cheers Euclid

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