Move to melee attack setting does not work with Jelkhor Blast Knife and Dentonating Arrow

The setting “Move to melee attack enemies that are out of range” does not work on Detonating Arrow when the skill is converted to melee through the Jelkhor’s Blast Knife unique.


I am experiencing this issue as well.

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I am also experiencing this. Could we please get a patch to fix this. This really does make this build unplayable. You have to manually go to the feet of the enemies. Bossing is very difficult trying to do this. With Jelkhor’s knife we need to move to the feet of the enemy when we click.

Instead we just sit there not close to anything swinging in air.

Thank you,
Jdubb :smiley:

ALSO, Extra skill points not showing. (would be a big deal except) points keep removing themselves from my build. then i dont know how many points i have to spend and where they got removed from. Please fix all the glitches with this build. It is incredibly fun to play.