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"Move to melee attack enemies that are out of range" only works on the first enemy until you click again

When you are playing a melee class (any class) using a melee skill (any skill) with the ‘Move to melee attack enemies that are out of range’ option enabled, you will move to the first enemy you click on and attack. But, after that, you won’t move to the next enemy until you click on them again. This is especially frustrating when you are attacking a group, and they are clustered around you, and you are in THEIR range, but they are just out of YOUR range. Having to keep re-clicking makes combat tiresome. Please consider either fixing this option, or adding a new option, that moves you to any monster you hover over while the mouse button (or attack button) is held down. This way you’ll automatically inch forward a little to bring nearby enemies in range. Especially in battles with lots of mobs, it’s cumbersome to have to keep re-clicking.

This behavior is the same whether you’re attacking with a melee skill with a mouse button or an action button (Q, W, E, R, etc.), and I think the behavior should be corrected for both as well.

Thank you!