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Move or Attack setting doesn't persist after restarting LE

I already made a post about this bug but you closed it without fixing.
When I set my LMB to Move or Attack and assign a skill to it (say, skill for Q button) the game doesn’t remember my setting when I exit LE and start it again.
Each time I enter a game I have to set it manually.

Also another small visual bug (I have Win 10, nvidia GTX 1050 @ 1920 x 1080 resolution)
some misalignment for the map

The LMB mov & attack thing is a known issue.

Where’s the alignment issue? The ? on the council chambers has always been offset, I thought it was intended that way, presumably because there are several quests there & if you have them all ready to turn in you get a series of ? going round the outside of the council chambers icon.

A known issue but should be fixed not closed and disregarded.

Yes that a small graphic issue. Not important still wanted to mention it. The circle with ‘?’ should be on the Council Chambers exactly aligned shouldn’t it?
and the blue ‘stamp’-like circle a bit to the right. I don’t even know what is it

I’m sure they have it on their internal bug tracker. Just because they’ve not fixed it yet or told us doesn’t mean they’ve disregarded it.

That’s what you get when you have multiple quests to hand in at the council chambers. They’re arranged around the perimeter (kinda), which is why I think they’re supposed to be offset, otherwise how would you know that you have several to hand in?

Like this ?

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Thanks for the report!

We are tracking the main issue here internally and will have eyes on the Council Chambers quest markers.

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