Move online character to offline?

Is it possible to move an online character to offline? I’m enjoying the game, but the number of disconnects and losing progress/dropped items is starting to put a damper on things. I’d hate to have to start a new character all over again and miss out on the drops I’ve acquired.

No it’s not possible and will not with 1.0.

I don’t know if its completely off the table for EHG but I wouldn’t count on it in the near future.

But you could see improvements regarding network stability.

Btw, have you tried different gateways? Even though some gateway have higher ms, they might work better for you.

Thanks for the reply. No, I haven’t tried other gateways as I’m already at 52ms and everything is higher than that I’ll give it a go though. It is becoming rather frustrating. Slogged through 3 zones to some boss called Lagon. Died when I wasn’t hit, then when I went back into his room he doesn’t appear. I think I have to relog and now assume I’ll have to slog through the 3 zones all over again :confused:

Honestly you haven’t gotten very far in the game, don’t feel too bad about starting over in offline.

You should also try out online with 1.0 (maybe after a few days after launch to make sure it’s stable). There should be several improvements then.