Mouse Input problems? Looting Issues

I just bought this game a few days ago and since even the first hour of play I’ve noticed problems with mouse input.

Trying to loot / click on stuff I’m having to constantly click multiple times / move around and try again several times before I can actually get a successful loot / click…

Here are a couple of gif examples from a map I just did ( can record new ones because it happens multiple times every single zone that there is loot / shrines / things to click )

In this one you can see that multiple times I go away and then click on this shard it won’t pick up.

In this one I try to pick up the “Chance to Ignite shard” as soon as it drops, fail, click the “Burial Plate” that dropped right after and successfully pick that up, then realizing that the “Chance To ignite shard” never got picked up I try a few more times on it before it actually works.
Then I try to pick up the “Ward on potion use shard” and it doesn’t work, so I click the “Chance to chill shard” and it works, picking them both up.

I’m not sure what is wrong with this game’s mouse input, I have around 12k hours played in PoE, and countless hours between Diablo 1-4, not to mention thousands of hours of Starcraft 1&2 and FPS.
I’m typically pretty aware when I click on something or missclick it and that’s why it didn’t loot. I’ll admit while playing sometimes I’m missclicking at first and that’s why something won’t be looted, but more often than not it’s just straight up not being picked up even when I click on it, which is 100% the case in both of these gifts.

I’ve talked to other friends about this that play and they’ve said they’ve experienced similar things.

Still having the same issues. Hopefully this is something that’s fixed in 1.0 release!