Mouse and character movement

When you click to move one time movement feels good unless something stuns you, would be great if pathing continued after.

When you hold the mouse button down to move I feel like the character should simply move forward in the direction my mouse is, not try to auto path. It can feel super clunky when holding down the mouse to move and going over some odd terrain when your character wants to turn around or something.

even an option to make it work this way in the options screen would be ok with me. Can call it general mouse directional movement or something or have a checkbox you can turn off that says auto path on mouse hold

For me it is the direct opposite. The character stops at obstacles he should move around. Especially in tough situations it can be frustrating when you get stuck when trying to dodge an attack or escape.

The mouse and keyboard movement heavily relies on smoother movement. If you kite a mob pack you already need to rapidly change coursor position to attack and walk in the opposite direction.

If you the would make it the character can always only walk into the direction you point without autoparhing around stones or crates or other stuff that blocks your direct way, I would rage quit after 10 minutes.

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Perhaps a middle ground, because i find when my character turns around and tries to run backwards because something blocks the path (enemy/root wall/destructables etc) its very annoying, maybe if the auto pathing didn’t try to auto path past a certain distance. All i know is i really dislike the feeling of telling my character to go one way and it going another.

Pretty sure this is how satnav feels.

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