Hey there. Any Chance to get Mounts in Game?

Not currently and I don’t think it is planned.

Been here almost a year and a half and I dont think I have ever read a request for a mount or seen any comment related to the possibility of having mounts before yours…

Sacred 2 had mounts.

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Diablo 4 will have also.

Geralt has Roach…

Pffft, copying a 14 year old game…

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We are not currently planning for mounts in Last Epoch. Nor am I really sure where they would fit in the gameplay.


But, mounts!

Maybe for a dungeon ? Like its only there for traversal (D to mount/unmount) and you can’t attack while on it but also are immune to damage, but your mount can only take 5 hits and after that you fall off and it goes on 5 sec cooldown.

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Mounts as a dungeon mechanic could certainly be interesting… Would have to spend some time thinking about it to ensure it’s an interactive mechanic and not a just method for skipping intended combat easier however. Something to consider though I suppose. Maybe if it was a Bee…


Alrght. Thought, would make traveling easyr’ in the world - Like D4 or LA.

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