Mountain Aerie Monolith Stage - Large Bonfire hit box is eating arrows from very large distance

Just as the title describes I’m getting a small collision bug with the large bonfires in the Mountain Aerie Monolith Stage. If you are a bow user and standing near the bonfires your arrows will disappear immediately and not hit any enemies. Needed to kite the enemies away from the fires in order to get any damage on them.

This is actually quite a large distance from the fires, larger than you might think (~15-20m)


P.S. The first picture might be difficult to tell what is going on but half of my multishot spread is missing. The second picture is much clearer.

I am having this issue with this same prop using the Marrow Bones skill - both the original Marrow Bones projectiles and the Bone Splinter projectiles are being destroyed by the bonfire. This both visually removes the projectile and prevents dealing damage.

Adding on to this thread to say that this affects the Sentinel’s Hammer Throw projectiles, and those of the enemy’s (and probably all projectiles, targeted abilities like Smite seem fine as seen in last gif).

Gameplay footage of the issue:

Just replying with the same issue. The bonfire is blocking my flurry and multishot arrows just like OP, but my icicle procs are not being obstructed.

Just to add to this, Thorn Totems also get blocked around these bonfires