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Most powerful minion in the game

Just putting this out there, in case nobody has seen it yet.


He seems angry, what did you tell him?

Told him the druid was gonna take his meal away.


Do you have a build planner for this build?

I would also love to see a build planner for this build, thanks!

Also, is the speed decent when clearing mono’s?

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No way.
→ Run paths of the raptor, range of the frenzy towers, continuous buffing and running/dodging on the side and finally the consideration of the incoming damage on the poor raptor. It will probably be down quite often from Monolith 150+.
However, the latter is just an estimation of mine.

Would love to see a short video from Corruption 150+ with the one lone raptor, maybe my walking armor can learn something. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m assuming this is a MAX DPS build with all passives in the minion melee flat damage, idols dedicated to base melee minion Crit, and the Aspect of the Lynx to get close to 100% minion Crit and huge minion Crit multiplier thanks to the Raptor’s nodes that grant minion crit chance and +100% crit multiplier on Bleeding targets.

Aspect of the Lynx has it so that minions’ Critical Stirkes heal them, so whatever damage the Raptor sustains is more than made up by the Crit leech it does. Combine that with Eterra’s Blessing and the Raptor is more than sustainable. Harder part is making sure you stay alive, so you’d have to sacrifice some of Raptor’s damage to ensure that you have enough Health and one-shot protection to make it through Corruption 150.

I have a Solo Raptor build, myself, though only at Corruption 125 or so, though that’s not hte fault of the Raptor. I don’t go for minion Crit, so I don’t have nearly the damage the PIC does, but combine the absurd attack speed Raptor gets from War Cry’s Berserk, Eterra’s Blessing, and Frenzy Totem, and get yourself enough Minion Health, and Raptor will leech back everything in no time. For my survivability, I took Serpent Strike instead of Swipe and go for sufficient Dodge Rating (and the absurd 24% Boss kill node), and also take Healing Effectiveness idols to ensure that the Raptor’s always in Rage mode and healing from whatever attacks it’s getting from ranged enemies.

Yeah, you only need a fraction of the damage to push high corruption. Your minion is so strong you can just stand back while it goes and kills everything. My setup is for when you just want to burst bosses down very quickly.

I’ll post a build planner later, and you can do various types of combinations, and even do a multi minion setup with more, smaller hits and a lot of flat with the yulias boots.