Most OP skill needs "Fixed/nerf" Before MP

Hey, devs made a short video of some gameplay and reasons why i think in its current form entangling roots is not only the most OP skill in the game, but why it needs changed before MP.
**EDIT - New video link, redid the video in normal voice due to more negative feedback than positive :slight_smile:)

@ReimerhArts just what you asked for :slight_smile:

Agreed, and good job showing just how strong it is. I love this ability; its utility is amazing. But no CD plus overlapping buffs is far too powerful.

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Even if they leave it without a CD it can be fixed by just

  1. Reduce the healing to 5 per point instead of 15
  2. Have the patches less overlapping
  3. Reduce the ailments chance for pets from 40% per point to 25% and 4 points max instead of 5
  4. Increasing the overall mana cost (this would make you cast it less and would still allow the werebear to use it with roar)

I mean theres a really a bunch of ways to go about it without putting a cd on it, Putting a cd would mean you can use it as an oh sh1T button when everything hits the fan and you need to spam it 2/3 times.

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Thanks for the video!

We’ll discuss potential changes to this skill at a meeting.


Updating the video to normal voice so its easier to watch

Couldn’t they just make it so the skill doesn’t benefit anyone but the primalist who casts it, or benefits them at reduced effectiveness? Then they wouldn’t need to adjust the values as much and solo wouldn’t be as effected by any potential changes.

Theres alot they can do and there going to look at it we just get to wait and see. However I wouldmt make it only for yourself. Using it to heal your companions is a must at least until healing wind has a skill tree

imo they can make healing into a buff, this way multiple patches wont increase the healing. You just either stand on the roots and get the buff or if you are not on the roots you dont have this buff. Then adjust the healing values so itll be ok with investments.

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Yeah it should be a 1 or 0 thing. Inside you get one instance of the buff no matter how many patches you stand in.

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