Most hit's per second

Hey guys,
wich skills provides potential the most hit’s per second? For stacking status effects.


I think most hits per second record belongs to the necro with 100 minions hitting with over 100% poison and bleed ailments.

But some of the best skills are

Lightning blast (chained to same target)
Serpent strike + avalanche + ice thorn + thorn totem combo
Wandering spirits
Beastmaster with 6 pets
Vengenace + smite + devouring orb combo

Just to name a few

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Though Smite can only apply ailments from its skill tree due to a bug, so it won’t poison, chill, etc & only ignites/shocks if you’ve taken the relevant nodes and doesn’t benefit from any ignite/shock chance from passives or gear. So for using Smite, you’re basically using it for damage, healing &/or the Righteous Flurry global attack speed buff.

Correct but you can get 125% ignite and 100% shock and its a free instant cast skill so in the combo it helps

Amd the 50% ark speed makes vengenace apply more so its needed in the combo to achieve most hits

Yeah, but that’s pretty low chances to proc compared to other builds & other ailments. The Paladin can get up to around 1,100% chance to ignite with fire skills with gear (though that would make them a glass cannon & it would probably feel bad). And how much shock chance & effecitveness did your shock build get? 800% or something?

I just didn’t want OP thinking that Smite would be particularly good for stacking ailments with itself, it’s excellent as a support skill (for the heal & attack speed buff, plus the added flat damage if you’re melee), it may even be a decent damage skill if you’re specc’d as a caster (which I’m intending to try at some point after they’ved fixed it’s ailment bug).

So in this scenario shield through can be made fire and smite can be used to give you 50% more throw damage there full increases both your hits per seconds and ailment damage

So i guess the real combo would be shield throw fire max ricochets with smite and time reversal for maximum throw speed

That’s kinda what I was going for with my Ignite Shield Throw Paladin, that & stacking bleed chance & converting it to ignite with Maehlin’s gloves.

In that scenario the vast majority of Smite’s benefit is coming from the 50% attack speed buff rather than the ~1.5 (?) stacks of ignite. Maybe it would even be more useful to go shock with Smite so you get a (small) protection debuff to boost the damage from your ignites.

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