Most fun build so far?


I still have many build/gameplay to discover in this game, that’s why I am asking for your favorite build in term of fun. If you can provide a quick explanation why, that would be cherry on the cake.

I have tested a bunch of build until now, and here are my though:

  • Hammerdin played with Iron spiral + Hammer vortex
    Feels great to rush in trash pack with a bunch of hammer spinning around. Damage against single target is ok-ish. Drawbacks is necessity to stop to cast back hammer, but I guess this is the gameplay of this build.

  • Warpath (VK) 100% uptime
    Amazing to clear monolith, fast and quite tanky with Wings of Argentus. Never stop spinning, gameplay feels really smooth. Plus, the single target is not bad.

  • Shield throw (paladin)
    I guess this build is made for arena pushing, monolith clearing is ok when facing multiple trash, but man, the single target damage is awful. So long to kill a monolith boss…

  • Minion frost range and melee (Necromancer)
    Range minion feels better cause they attack from a farther distance, melee minion AI is clunky for now (dev are working on it, so should be better in near future). The damage is really good with 5 mage + 10 archer.

  • Aura of Decay
    I always loved aura type build (like RF in POE), so gameplay feels great to me. I wish we had the possibility to switch from poison to necrotic, poison damage needing a ramp up is pushing the build to the slower pace side.

  • Shatter strike (Spellblade)
    Tankiness is great as long as you can hit, this build is more a builder/spender type, and I have to say I am done with these kind of build (even on other game).

  • Totem build (Shaman)
    I tried to make totem build viable, tried poison and frost totem, and both of them feels damage lacking. Seems like totem have not been develop to be self sufficient, more like a damage/defensive support. But I still get hope as on dev weekly stream, we had a leak of a new totem spell for shaman, can’t wait to test it :slight_smile:

Next step is trying to create a Hungering soul build , I am desperately trying to find a Hungering Souls build, only find one done by Dread from Apprentice corners (rename “Epoch builds” on Youtube now). This spells looks and feels so cool, but the tuning seems lacking, I hope devs will get an eye on this spell in the future.

I have not tested rogue for now.

So, what is your most enjoyable build so far ?

English seems clunky in this post ? Do not ask, I am french.

my favorite build so far was smelter’s wrath with gambler fallacy.
its really slow and needs to stand still but really satisfying and great having 24% cull.
here is the link Forge Guard, Level 84 (LE Beta 0.8.1e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

A simple flurry 2H bladedancer with armor and phys red shred I so far found the most fun. It’s not a top tier build, but it’s straightforward and wysiwyg. Will be trying a poison stacker soon.

Got a paladin through storyline with warpath and want to rebuild it into a cons. ground dot-er. Paladin seems to have the biggest room for gearing potential (of what I’ve played), I’ve (almost) no resses on gear and I’m about capped - here and there overcapped. Will be a long term project.

My totem shaman was my first monolith character, didn’t play upwards much but the DPS and ease felt ok. Just a bit flashy on the screen bc of storm totem. Will make a BM and druid still.

And made a sorc, but I basically just used a slowed volcanic orb and a lot of ignite % (that core, if well placed, does a lot of heavy hits) and it was very easy to gear with uniques I had. Highest boss dps for me so far, plus pretty good at surviving (cast VO and run/kite).

I’m still trying to find Halvar’s Pledge for an avalanche sham and well, I got some tabs with uniques that keep me wondering about builds. Haven’t touched any build guides yet because, as you can see, I like messing around.


Fun? Hard to say.
For me, it’s a Void Knight build. The main damage dealer is Rive, I am protected by a Ring of Shields and I am surrounded by Devouring Orbs. When I fight, I’m in a Time Bubble generated by Anomaly and if I need to move fast from one point to another, I use Shield Rush.
I do love the purple balls orbiting me and casting void rifts permanently.

My favorite build and also the reason i bought LE in the first place is the Lich Mastery with Reaper Form + Harvest (with Bone Curse, Death Seal and Transplant)

There is nothing cooler than floating around as a reaper and harvesting through all the mob packs.

Most tanky build i have played, very good AoE (Harvest does have very good inherent AoE).
Sustain singletarget dmg is not super great, since i am using Death Seal as a steroid-buff type of ability.

Also very mobile, since Reaper Form does grant you reap, which is a short range dash, that in conjunction with transplant and permanent 50-70% movement speed makes the build very quick.

Here is the character planner if you are interested:

My second favorite build is a 2H Erasing Strike Void Knight with very expensive, mini-nuke-esq hits.

Erasing Strike does cost 96 Mana and does literally 1 shot everything that is not a boss.
And bosses get chunked away like 10-15% helath per hit.


Also one quick thought on

Hungering Souls is definitely underperforming a little bit compared to alot of other skills.
It just received a slight buff in the last major patch for the initial hit portion.

I can tell you, there are some really cool application of this skill in conjunction with other skills.

Hungering Souls also has crazy good crit support.
There is one specific interaction that is insanely strong.

It sounds like you want a fully fleshed out build guide, i won’t give you that, but feel free to dm me if you want inspiration for that skill, i can definitely tell you, you can make it work.

I might keep this Reaper Form Build in a corner, i planned to give it a try soon.

The gameplay of 2H Erasing strike VK seems to be a builder/spender, not my cup of tea :slight_smile:

About Hungering Souls, sounds great if you think there is way to make it work.
I will give a shot on a hungering soul build, it will be interesting to search for the best way to make it work.
I was thinking about which mastery to go, and i remember that there is still one we have seen yet, the warlock. Maybe there will be some nice synergy with Hungering Soul in the future, who knows.

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Nice. Alot of people recently asked me about me build, after i posted it on discord…
For some reason the demand for people that wanna give it a shot is way higher than before (i am playing this exact build since 2 years and nobody cared for it months or years ago)

I can understand that, but it is not a usual spender/builder build.
It’s literally hitting once or twice and everything is dead xD

Also Echoes from VK Mastery are soooo statisfying with that build.

Yes Warlock will give caster based Acolyte alot mroe options i am sure.
Lich is already a very good mastery for casters though.

I don’t wanna spoil too much, but i would definitely recommend Lich for a Hungering Souls build, i will not tell you why, but that s your job of finding the particular synergy i am talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

If you need help or want ideas, feel free to dm me :smiling_imp:

I still have a ton of builds to explore myself, but I’ve been playing a pyro Spellblade and it’s been a blast.

Basically a firebrand/flamereave stack building/unleashing build with crazy ward gen. You take the Incineration + Illuminating Fire to expend firebrand stacks on your next non-firebrand melee to add damage and guarantee crit, then take the Rhythm of Fire + Versatility in Flamereave which gives 100% MORE damage, area, distance for flamereave every 4th attack. Tie this in the Bladeweaver stacks (15% more dmg per stack, up to 10, although currently I leave it capped at 5 on the passive tree) and crit multiplier affixes and you can get some big numbers. And not being bogged down by crit chance affixes leaves more room for fire damage.

I really enjoy diving directly past the smaller mob packs to the big guys, whack them a few times to build stacks and then just turn around and release that wave a fire that crits everything on the screen. Every time I do I can’t help but imagine the big mob just looking at me like “Am I joke to you?” as I basically use it as a stack-battery and facetank the hits with ward gen/sustain. Also great for stunning bosses out of telegraph attacks.

Additionally since I stack fire damage I grab the fire aura passives, both because they look badass but especially because it counters “Deadly until attacked” type of mods, since any melee I dive into all immediately take damage on the fire aura, so only have to worry about ranged volleys which I can kill with the flamereave crit across the screen :smiley:

Anyhow I’ll put a tool planner if someone wants, it might be a terrible build, but I’m enjoying it so far!

EDIT: Also! Enchant Weapon is a huge utility as well, as I spec it into +atk spd (ward gen) and cleanse, so it’s a offensive and defensive powerhouse with a get out of jail free card for slows/chills, which are the most dangerous thing for defense sustain since my ward gen needs attacks

So I tested an enormous build number, but my most efficient build that I have seen and from far away is the poison bladedancer.

Clearly a monster takes a shuriken he died, yet he took 150 damage broke everything but the poison is so violent. Bosses are like some shuriken and you watch him die laughing. Very very strong and fun in its own way.

Otherwise the funniest build, I would probably say the double ax beastmaster, full attack speed. I like big nags, and he is the cream, you run you see a group you jump in with your jump, you scream like a barbarian and you cut the vermin with an ax! its is life.

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