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Mortality's Grasp - is it working?

I was using Atrophy with 22% Necrotic Penetration - which my understanding basically means +22% more damage done (not % increased damage).

I just had Mortality’s Grasp drop, and 37% chance to “Mark for Death” on spell hit sounded amazing, 3% more damage AND the gloves have significant health and a chance for ward. Someone here told me penetration is the same as reducing resistances, so seems like a straight upgrade from Atrophy, right?

But when I cast necrotic spells on enemies or the dummy, I never see the debuff “Mark for Death” appear. (37% chance so 20 casts I should see it, right?). Dummy I 100% never see it. Enemies die too fast, but even on sub-bosses I just never see it. Does “Mark for Death” do nothing unless enemies have necrotic resist? Or are these gloves bugged and not applying it?

EDIT Also - vs the Dummy Atrophy seems to consistently do more damage, so Mark for Death just doesn’t seem to be working. (using Spirit Plague for test).

My current build/gear (I realize gear needs work, I accidently shattered my catalyst).

The dummy is not an enemy for the game, so I’m not sure you can apply a curse on it.

BTW, Atrophy gives a permanent more bonus while Mortality’s Grasp gives a chance for more, so I see Mortality’s Grasp as a downgrade. I may be wrong.

The key is spell hit looking at your build the only skill that would trigger it is hungering souls.

As FearDeamon says, you need to hit with a necrotic spell to proc the Mark for Death, and since Spirit Plague has the DoT tag, it can’t hit. While Hungering Souls also has the DoT tag, it hits then applies a DoT. Death Seal’s Death Waves would also hit and apply the Curse.

Thanks @Shtrak! I can curse the dummy with a bunch of other debuffs from Spirit Plague, what I was missing was casting this single target spell isn’t a “hit.” Yes Atrophy likely better for clearing trash and easy areas, MG much better vs bosses or hard enemies.

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@Llama8 Ooh - Reap is a necrotic spell for “on hit”? That changes things! I was applying “Mark for Death” using that Reap tree ability but it was only a 10% chance for 2 points. This will be so much better at 37%, and I can put the points elsewhere.

@Feardemon Thanks! That wasn’t intuitive to me. Seems great now.

Nope, sorry, that was me being a muppet…

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