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Morningfrost doesn't work when equiped last.

I am using voidnight with dev mode leveled to 100. It has 10 agility from 2 items (tome+ring)

If i un-equip my weapon, i do virtually no damage, making it very easy to see if i get the bonus of 2 cold dmg per agi point.
Similarly, the boots give an attack speed debuff on my agility.

When i equip the boots last, i don’t get either the cold bonus nor the attack speed debuff. Going to other area’s in the game and back doesn’t change this. Going to character select and back into the game does change it, when i do that, the boots start to take effect.

If after equiping the boots, i change anything else to my outfit, the boots start to take effect.

Thanks for the report!

It’s being looked into.