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More upcoming skill art for the Sentinel & Forgeguard

As you know, we’ve recently made changes to the classes formerly known as the Knight and the Sentinel, which are now known as the Sentinel and Forgeguard, respectively.

This has created a need for new skill art to be created to compliment the new Forgeguard class. We included some of this in a recent post, and today we’d like to show you more!


Are the Double strikes / trio of Rive arts going to dynamically change in the skill bar as you use the skill?

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Digging these.
Will the other classes fall under a similar microscope as development continues?

That’s why we created the multiple Rive icons, though I can’t confirm it’ll happen just yet. It’s something we may do depending on what other changes are made to Rive in the future.

The Double Strikes variants weren’t created for that purpose.


We have recently updated some of our existing skill art.

If there’s any in particular you think should be replaced, please do let us know!


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