More Uniques for New Builds

Hey Guys…
After playing this game for almost 2 weeks now, I’ve actually noticed something…
when it comes to endgame, we are basicly spending Hours to farm, and Grind for thos uniques with 3-4 Legendary Potential, but…
Have anyone actually noticed the quality of the current uniques?, like most of them is based around summons…
Theres not really any good 1H weapon bases for melee phys chars, pretty much all the weapons are Class specific items and I will show you->
I was sitting there looking at the database on

  1. 6 Unique 1H Swords: 0 worth actually using as a base for Legendary
  2. 7 Unique 1H Axes: 1 that could work, the rest are based all around Primalist for summons / elemental
  3. 3 Unique 1H Maces: 1 for Vengeance build, 1 for summon, and 1 low base (the summone one has higher physical damage then the “phys dps” …
  4. 3 Unique 1H Daggers: … all 3 based on the rogue.
  5. 3 Unique 1H Scepters: Primalist one, a cold and a Lightning
  6. 4 Unique 1H Wands: 1Low base no one really cares about, 1Based on bow/caster minions, 1Fire its meh, low base but high fire doesnt really make up for it, and 1 good Necrotic wand.

I Could go through the entire list…
But considering the “Endgame” grinding is for good base exalted items with decent rolls, and then theres nothing to put it on…
if building around the fact that uniques are that “good” there should be more options for more builds :slight_smile:

It is still EA & most of the unique weapons are relatively old.

That said, Humming Bee is/was good for melee Flurry (ailments from memory), Aurelis is good for Smite, Eye of Reen is awesome for melee ignite builds (especially on a Spellblade) & I’ve no idea about Chronostasis.

Axes are more thematically aligned with the Primalist & Daggers the Rogue.

Though I don’t disagree that we need more uniques.

Melee builds its hard to make a good unique imo.

You have to put it on a good base, it has to have base crit and good flat damage too. or else its basically useless to me because I am gonna run slayers/attackspeed/flat damage if I can on an exalted/rare base of my choosing.

But for the other archetypes who are less restricted on how they use weapons you can get more free form in how you buff them/give them options.

Take “Bloodgeon” for reference.

This item actually has just at a baseline with average rolls flat 90 base physical. A t6 flat phys on 1 handed is 40 phys, and the highest has 64, meaning an exalted flat phys bloodgeon is better then all 1 handed maces from a raw damage perspective.

But since melee wants slayers, then suddenly you really want/need a 2 lp one. which greatly restricts how easy it is to get one/use one.

There are a lot of uniques missing that would make sence. Kind of +dmg +as +crit chance is rare and a good mix of it is even harder to get. Last time we were asked for unique I was all about a phys dmg 2handed axe worth to use in the endgame, something you normaly try to build. Not a lot of people are intrested in this and want some useless fancy shit that is A: only useable by 1 class and B: changes a skill a tiney bit because it’s sooooo great to have dark purple skill instead of a flaming red one that is another dmg type. I miss some good old statsticks that are tools of destruction for the simple mindless in your face playstyle. After LP was introduced I’m almost certain we’ll never get these and never on meaningfull bases.

Regarding “Bloodgeon”, thats where the summon mace actually has the possibility to get higher flat phys then the one intended for phys, makes no sense why the summon uniques are so strong compared to the ones for phys.

@Macknum the thing is it dont have to be a good rolls as long it has potential with the legendary to actually make a stronger melee weapon…
take something like lets say 10% kill threshhold, it wouldnt be super strong compared to some of the skills that gives like 15-20% but it would still give the melee’s a chance to do it and considering they will be using a 1hand normally their base hits will be lower then the ones using a 2hander.

But taking a 50 flat phys exalted with like 150% melee phys / phys etc. and putting it on a base with 10-15 flat phys is a big dmg reduction and not worth even considering.

Staves / Wands are in the worst position with LP due to the fact if the item is on a poor base with low adaptive spell damage - no amount of LP will save it or worse theres a few that have no synergy with LP. The Wand that leeches HP for minions cant remember the name is arguably useless with LP

At least weapons can steal Flat affixes/% from other weapons, you cannot take adaptive from anything so its not designed well

So can wands, but yes, I agree that they’re in less advantageous position than other weapons (other than staves/sceptres).

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