More monolith questlines

I’m enjoying the basic premis of the new monolith & while I was playing through the Black Sun line, I thought that it would be interesting to have a timeline/quest thing where Heorot doesn’t die (spoiler :wink: ) when he’s attacked by Rahyeh. Not quite sure what would really happen in it, but just a thought.


Another idea I had, given the game mentions “other travellers” at various points what about having a void-corrupted “other traveller” as the final boss, we follow them through a few pivotal points in the game’s story in the first and second quests, with them being corrupted by the void in the second, then we find them & fight them in the third.

I would envisage them as one of the player characters with an additional or two void-based abilities. Maybe a void-corrupted Mage with some elemental spells that have been enhanced/corrupted by the void. Or a shapeshifting Druid with a void-corrupted bear/spriggan form (perhaps with the two turrets on his back that the void bears get)?

Only if they choose the starting Pokémon which you are weak against!

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Just make it a DoT build.

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What if it was the Outcast Queen that became corrupted by the Void & you had to help the (non)Immortal Emperor defeat her? Especially if you had big E as an ally in the final battle & at some point had to defend him from waves of adds or something?

I hope in the future that there are way more quest and each one takes you either further into the past or the future and bosses are locating in certain time eras so to head hunt bosses you have to search for them in specific times but can only get there by doing enough quest and choosing that path

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