More information about the mob that killed you

Currently Death Screen shows you name of the monster that killed you and name of the ability that dealt lethal damage.

I propose following additions:

  1. since the screen is semi-transparent, we can still see monsters. Why not visually highlight the monster responsible for your death somehow (glowing aura, victory dance, whatever).
  2. in addition to the name of the monster, list all extra modifiers it has (affixes for rare mobs, and other beneficial effects, if any, like buffs, champion auras and the like). This can be done either as text, or as effect icons with informative tooltips.
  3. list several latest instances of hit damage received before death (like it is done in Hearthstone history bar), with damage received, monster name and ability name. Monster and ability names could be condensed into a “tooltipable” icon, to limit amount of text on screen.
  4. list all damage over time effects that were active on the character at the moment of death, with number of stacks shown for stackable ailments, and dps for non-stackable ones.

A more complex representation might include a full-fledged graph of character’s health as function of time, over the last few seconds before death, with information about DoT effects (dps, source, time remaining) available for each horisontal cursor position (time axis). Hit damage information (damage, source) available for hit closest to current cursor position (and highlighted on the graph as well).


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