More Important Shard Drops

A handful of important shards for endgame almost NEVER drop, same goes items with those traits. Mana regen. mana efficiency, dodge percent increase per affix and dodge percent increase, I think those are all of them. I feel like we REALLY need an increase in the drop rates for these.

There will always be some rare affixes, plus some that are class-specific. There needs to be a line somewhere with the “better” stuff on the other side of it (ie, rarer) & people will always complain that it’s “too” rare because they want the endorphin hit of finding one of those rare/useful affixes.

While i think the system might not be perfect yet, it is not even 100% finished yet.

But for the moment i think droprates are fine. The class specific affixes are indeed very rare and i think that’s how it should be.

Also do not forget that you can use Runes Of Shattering to extract affix shards, so always be on the lookout for your desired affixes on any items(even blue items).
Becauase the LE crafting system and shard mechanic is so unique we have two factors that can be further tuned and tweaked in the future. Devs have alot of control over the loot table and how much specific shards drop or how much specific affixes appear on items.

Yeah I’ve been using shattering shards a lot. However I still feel like some have too low of drop rate. I don’t think they should be increased a lot, but I feel like a slight increase is necessary.

Problem I run across on this matter is collecting enough shatter runes currently they don’t drop often in my runs , and mainly rely on making sure to buy from vendor everytime it refresh’s at a good source of gold per usual 4 , think it averages to be 2k for the set if I recall correctly …

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