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More flat HP regen hybrid affixes

There used to be a general stat for Flat Health Regen, which gave A LOT of Flat Health Regen, so nerfing it was very fair. But now I feel that we need a few more options, since the only affix with it at the moment is the hybrid one with Elemental Protection.


  1. Hybrid Flat Health Regen and Vitality

  2. Hybrid Flat Health Regen and Flat Health

  3. Hybrid Flat Health Regen and Increased Health

I would also like the idea of affixes which you sacrifice a property for another.
In this case:

  1. Hybrid Flat Health Regen and Reduced Flat Life
  2. Hybrid Flat Health Regen and Reduced Vitality (This one is similar in concept as a reverse variant mod to how the Stained Tome operates)

I was thinking of putting this up as a separate suggestion thread, but at the moment I’ll just bandy the idea here to ask for hybrid affixes that have higher roll affixes of one stat at the cost of negative affixes to another.

Interesting idea, but I don’t think affixes are supposed to reduce other stats, it would be the first one at least. Reductions come from passives on trees.
And yea the first stat should definitely have a bigger increase if you sacrifice another.

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