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More detailed skill details

In game description for skills while hovering over one shows a general damage or DPS number. This takes into consideration modifiers like increased spell/fire/physical damage, critical chance etc… which come from gear or passives. However, some other modifiers like those taken from the skill trees, like skill specific increases to crit chance or damage, do not show any effects at all.

In other words, the character sheet shows very detailed numbers for all modifiers FOR THE CHARACTER AS A WHOLE, whereas I request such information for each specific skill. Path of Exile actually does this really well, and shows much more detailed information for the 2 skills equipped to the mouse clicks.

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Thanks for this suggestion… If you hadnt already found it on the forum, this kind of thing has been requested numerous times and the devs have confirmed that they are working on changing the character sheet and updating tooltips extensively.

Unfortunately this is apparently not as easy as it sounds as things are very situational based on everything from the enemy faced - e.g. skill dps vs one can enemy be different against another and time based stacks of ailments & buffs all interact in ways that we as players are not aware of. Snapshotting & various other things like global modifiers also play into the validity of the information to the point where sometimes its just wrong… Because of this difficulty and other priorities, Mike W mentioned that he has had to delay these updates (originally intended as possibly included in patch 0.8.5) so we are “stuck” with what we have for now.

In the meanwhile, @Tunk & @Dammitt have wonderful websites to fill the gap (although statically) right now, information on skills and everything else… Tunk Labs and Last Epoch Tools. I definitely recommend using these if you havent already.

If you want to know more about tooltips/character updates, there is a section from Mike Ws weekly dev update in April 21 to give more background. Kindly transcribed by the LE Master Scribe, @AndrewTilley

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