More daily activities

Hi devs, - Not sure if anyone has suggested this before - have you considered implementing some kind of daily quests? it might add to a variety of things to do at endgame or for leveling up alts. Many thanks.

While im not personally in favour of daily quests, i wonder: are you are aware that dungeons have daily rotating modifiers?

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In general I’m absolutely in favour of this kind of stuff.

But I don’t see it being added right now. The game lacks reward systems and progression mechanics for this right now.

I a couple of years we might have different fractions with reputation and reward systems, layered with each other. So you do your dailies/weeklies to get stuff you can spend somewhere elso to progress your character or gear.

But right now? What would you offer as an reward for dailies? Items? Blessings? Respec?

Everything is very accessible currently so an additional reward system without additional rewards would just mean making the game even easier.

I’d like to see things in the future that add more complexity to the game. Then we can have daily quests that feature these new systems.

Im really against this kinda stuff.

The entire benefit of Arpgs is you are not time gated. You can grind as much or as little as you want.

putting rewards behind chores is like the last thing id want to see. This game believe it or not, is not an MMO. it would be a tragedy to see it drowned in MMO cliches.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing them added but even more I’d like something in the style of PoE’s challenges along with Steam achievements.

The challenges fit best to be added along with the cycles and have them rotate with them for cosmetic rewards and a nice long big end game goal to work towards. Always drove me to play PoE a bit extra each league.

Steam achievements work in the same way but is more of a one time thing and can be done in a much longer timeframe.

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