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More Blessings for Idols

I think we (maybe just me? :yum:) need more “Blessing possibilities” for
→ “Small Idols”
→ “Small Lagonian Idols”
→ “Humble Idols”
→ “Stout Idols”

That’s all.

While they got alot mroe usefull with the recent Idol Layout change, getting decent generic idols is pretty easy.

I don’t think we do need more blessings currently for this case.

Maybe if we get more timeliens in the future, but i would want to avoid bloating the current timeline pools, just because adding something that “might be nice for some builds”.

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All the larger idols I have collected basically ready. From pretty much everything quite high values and everything double to quadruple, just at least so that I could quickly screw together any build.

From the smaller idols, however, I am still missing - seen across all characters - a few hundred USEFUL. Sure you can find quite a few, but the vast majority with bad / low values or bad combinations.

In addition, there is no “item sharing” among my characters, everyone has his, is not exchanged. (This is a point because of which some will certainly see and judge this thread topic quite differently).

However, I would also buy the still needed idols in a possible, future bazaar, one is also a bit cognitively flexible. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Translated with (free version)

I assume this is from your normal stash across multiple patches?

Because we currently are in a situation, where most people that play on normal have way more gold, items etc. because there is no reset, if you don’t voluntarily reset your account.

This will change drastically, once the cycless will get introduced.

On top of that, did you already started collecting generic idols a few patches ago?
I personally ignored generic idols for the majority of my characters, because I knew i didn’t even wanted to use them at all.

With the new idol layout change, I will look out for all kinds of different generic idols right from the get go, because I know I do need some generic idols, because you cannot use all class specific idols in any constellation.

I use some builds which use EXCLUSIVELY smaller idols, so be accommodating for once and accept that there is at least one player who wants the blessings in question in the game.

Have a nice day, Heavy.

No need to get sniffy.

You still have not answered my question though.

Everything they change always needs to accommodate for the entire experience of the game and it’s future and not just a specific timeframe of how the game was at a specific time.

I did not even disagree, that using generic idols is uncommon. I also use it on alot of builds.

But my question still stands, did you started collecting generic idols just recently? Or do you already collected them several patches ago?

I think getting generic idols with ideals stats is so easy, that we simply don’t need a blessing for those.

The only thing i would see would be a MoF echo reward that specifically grants generic idols, sicne the current idol echo rewards only grant class specific ones