More advanced search ability please

Really enjoying the game. And yes im hoarding things that might turn out useful in the future. Especially for when it comes to frequent build experimentation and needing to move items around to max out resistances.

And while being able to search for ‘ring’ or ‘cold res’ is nice, it’d be great to be able to have more advanced search abilities like - ‘ring + cold res’. Or even ‘cold res >40%’ or ‘cold res >30% ring’ or ‘unique bows’ or even the use of multiple independent descriptors with wildcards like ‘scale* lightning res > 30, fire damage’.

the sheer utility that’d add and how much it’d make sorting through my hoards of stuff would be incredible.

if you’d consider that, would be appreciated.

yip. asked for many times over the years. figure its on the ever increasing pile of QoL and nice to have things that have taken a back seat till multiplayer is implemented.

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