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Monthly Streaming Charity

Hello Travelers,

Every Friday at 3:00pm CDT we host a dev stream with Mike, one of our game designers, as an opportunity to catch up with our community, help answer questions, and just be part of the community ourselves. Each month, we pick a new charity for the weekly dev streams. All income from Subscriptions, Donations, and Bits are donated to the charity. Back in March we started raising funds for UNICEF’s Ukraine children relief fund. Alongside setting this charity for the stream, we also set forth a promise to match the communities donations. When April rolled around, and we hadn’t met our goal, we decided to extend this fundraiser through April, as well as continuing the match promise.

With this fundraiser through both March and April the community raised a total of $1,525.42 through the stream in subscriptions, bits, and donations. With other direct contributions, as well as our promise to match these donations (and a bit of rounding up), Eleventh Hour Games with the contributions of our amazing community is donating a total of $3,500 from this fundraiser for the UNICEF Ukraine Children’s relief fund! We would like to give a huge thanks to all of our community members, both those who contributed, and those who showed up to provide support. We’re happy to contribute what we can to these causes, and happy to have a community that supports in doing so.

Of course, we’re not done. As mentioned, every month we pick a charity for which all stream contributions go to. For the month of May, we will be contributing the stream proceeds to the St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital. St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital focuses on pediatric treatment and research concerning catastrophic diseases in children, primarily leukemia and other cancers. This organization also has one of the best charity scores for accountability and transparency out there.

If you’re a member of the community still looking to acquire a copy of Last Epoch for yourself, or know a friend that’s looking for a copy, while also interested in contributing to charity: We have Last Epoch available for sale on where part of the proceeds from each sale also go to charity: available at

So whether you’re interested in contributing to this charity, asking questions about Last Epoch, or just hanging out with some devs live, make sure to catch our dev stream each Friday at 3:00 PM CDT at!