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Monthly naked gauntlet(changes to arena-from one of my past reddit posts)

I had originally intended this to be apart of wolcen but since LE already has arena id thought to share this with the LE team. These include slight changes to arena: The goal of the gauntlet is to make it through as many waves/levels as possible. The passive skill tree is disabled. Each wave has increasing difficulty. It would consist of a monthly leaderboard:

-Each player starts the gauntlet completely naked save for a common sword/clothes and basic spells and would start at the max character level.

-Monsters spawn in waves/levels and have an increased chance to drop weapons/armor.

-Every five waves/levels has a unique boss with a high chance of a legendary weapon/armor drop

-Every ten waves/levels you are given 15 stat point

-There is one minute between each wave

-Once a new wave starts all items are cleared from the ground and a new wave begins

-Certain levels will have a chest spawn if you beat the main boss(say ever twenty levels of which is a guaranteed at least one legendary drop)

Each level/wave would last about 2-4 minutes(save for boss battles every fifth level). The leaderboard has the top 50 players highest level/wave achieved and the total amount of time it took the player to complete all waves. Players on the leaderboards have a snapshot of their character items which people can view from the leaderboards. Just thought I’d throw this out there…I thought it was an interesting idea. As last epoch is one of my most anticipated games in development I thought I’d give the epoch devs this idea.