Monsters and my character become immune


I’ve experienced this bug before, but today it has happened way too often - during a normal gameplay (monoliths and arenas) at some random point monsters and my character become immune.
I can see the numbers of damage dealt, received, block etc, i can pick up items that’ve dropped and i can see/type on chat. Basically everything works fine, but me and monsters are unkillable.
Leaving Monolith or arena and entering again doesn’t solve the bug - problem still persists and I have to close the client to fix it.

Sadly i haven’t captured the exact moment/mechanic that causes this, but i’m playing a Paladin and mostly using Hammer throw with javelin - i can send screens of my build if needed.

Log file:
Player.log (803.2 KB)

I hope it will be fixed in 1.0, because it really gets annoying when you lose progress or keys because of this.