Monsters and Boss Database


Is there a monster or boss database (I don’t find one on LE Tools) where they maybe not list all the stats of the bosses or monsters, but at least their different attacks, damage types for each, if they have shredding to a specific resistance, etc…

For example, that information was available on Arreat Summit for D2 back in the days.

I understand with the corruption mechanic it could be hard to do for base stats and all, but if at least we would have for each attacks:

  • Damage type
  • Ailment applicable
  • Shredding or other damage amplifiying modes
  • Etc.


You don’t have it for all monsters, but Maxroll has pages for every monolith and dungeon that tells you about the attacks.

Tunk has a Bestiary that’ll likely be helpful for you.

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