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Monster targeting / namelocking for ranged abilities


I’m really enjoying playing rogue marksman with a bow, but it often feels like I am missing my shots at enemies due to a lack of targeting. No “dodge” -text appears, and the arrows (especially cinder strike) whiff past the mobs I am targeting. This is especially frustrating when using mechanics such as jade, elemental and shadow arrows, as the whiffed shot has a lot of damage loaded in, which the next shot will lack.

I have not tested this issue with other ranged abilities yet, but to me this seems like targeting / namelocking issue. I would rather the behavior default to firing at an enemy near the cursor, instead of exactly at the cursor location. I’m fairly new to the game, so if I’m missing a setting or doing something wrong, please correct me! Thanks for a really enjoyable game!

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Last time I checked, if the cursor wasn’t over the base of the mob then the arrow would miss. So if there’s a tall thin mob and your cursor was on the mob but not over its base, you’ll miss.

Yeah. That’s something you told me, too, some time ago.

I think, what’s really misleading with this mechanic is that you get the red borders around an enemy and it shows the hp bar when you just hover over the edge of the enemy. So this makes it seem you target the enemy correctly. But arrows will miss when you’re too far away from the center.

Don’t know if I like that.


Precisely, I think targeting the highlighted mob would be preferred behavior.

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