Monoliths laggy for anyone else?

For the last couple of hours, monoliths have been extremely laggy on zoning in. I have to wait about 10-20 seconds for the server to catch up with my game and sync.
Restarting doesn’t help

There is an issue with memory leak, which becomes worse the longer your play session is. If you notice lag loading into monos, your best bet is to restart the game. It’s a noticeable difference.

Restarting it didn’t help.

i had the same issue, in the last few days, the 1st 5s second of a monolith had lag and rubberbanding

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Just logged in for the first time today, immediately went into a monolith and the lag is still there for me.
It started yesterday out of nowhere.

Logged into my Marksman, and no lag. It seems to only be happening when I have something on NumLock autocast.

Uninstalled the game today after almost 100h played. It has happened before a few times but i kept playing cuz i enjoyed the game and was telling myself that it’s an early access. But today i’ve lost my patience completely. When the game was loading me into mono i noticed my HP started to go down, with loading still in progress btw. When i finally loaded my char was dead and i’ve lost the reward ofc, which was a pair of unique or set boots that i really needed to farm to make my build better. Before that i had to move from bladedancer to a VK Warpath simply because it doesn’t lag back as much as BD does. Guess gonna check the game again in a month, i’ve lost all desire to play now. Hopefully it’ll get better with the servers by that time, otherwise i’ll probably just forget about the game with D4 being released soon.

Weird thing is i can play fine most of the content(30/40ms) but as soon as i try to fight rahyeh becomes unplayable. Tried a couple of times in the last 5 hs and is like is getting worse.