Monolith speed clear reward

I do understand that the monolith is not fully implemented yet (although i’m already having a good time with it), but i feel like getting rewards only on the number of enemies killed is not “enough”. My point is that I know there are fast clearing builds out there, and clearing fast means chaning timelines faster thus getting more rewards. But i feel it would be nice to have a bit more incentive in clearing the objective fast and being able to just straight for it instead of worrying about killing everything to have more loot. Then again maybe i’m doing it wrong here ! What are your suggestions ?

I don’t quite get why doing more timelines in a given period of time is insufficient? IMO, people are more likely to run through the lower monoliths as fast as possible to get to the more challenging/rewarding monolith levels (if you can handle a monolith 50, you’re unlikely to be too fussed by the reward for the first 20 or so). Plus it kinda feels (to me, YMMV, that incentivising faster runs would be the start of a slippery slope towards the kind of zoom zoom gameplay that PoE has.

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That’s fair enough, I don’t want the mapping to be like PoE but I was thinking of maybe a little bit more reward but not enough that clearing the objective fast would prevail over killing stuff

There are already builds that kill enemys by walking by… for real! I don’t want monoliths to be faster I’d rather want them to be slower with some scavanger hunt steps you need to take so the endboss spawns. No walking through to the endboss while watching stuff on the secondary monitor.

How else do we read the chat during streams whike playing then?

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