Monolith Spawns way too RNG

Just a quick one - actually an old topic ever since Monoliths were added that I was hoping may have been addressed or tweaked:

TLDR: Monolith spawns being too RNG can cause way out OP combinations of multiple spawns that dont match the level difficulty.

Just did a lvl 75 Echo with the following spawns:

Objective : 3 Wengari Spires
In the area of two single screens (@1080p) the following mobs spawned.
6 Wengari Patriarchs
3 Wengari Matriarchs
4 Wengari Beastmasters
Dozen or so Wengari Healers (cannot recall typename).
A variety of normal Wengari Mobs

I am all for a challenge but its not even empowered Monoliths and more than a dozen Bosses spawning in such a small area is bizzare.

ps. No I am not making up the numbers of mobs and I had no monolith modifiers active to make it harder.

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Wengari Shamans?

I agree, I’ve had some serious numbers of high-health, big-hitting mobs all together as well and it gets a bit dicey.

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Shamans, thats the one.

Just thought I would mention this as its been around for a long time now - for me its related to the issue where Monoliths can be way out of wack scaling wise - i.e. a badly chosen modifier can already make corruption 100 seem like its 200 or even 300 difficulty and when this is combined with OP RNG mob/boss combinations, it can make you question your sanity.

I dont believe that situations like this should be possible at least not in non-empowered levels and for me it just highlights the bizzare scaling that is possible in Monoliths right now.

Important side note: I have no problem with a challenge or increased difficulty (the game needs it) - it just needs to scale appropriately. If I am running 500 Corruption with 5 modifiers and get RNG that spawns mobs that compliment each other offensively then I’d expect it to be spicy because I chose to make it a challenge. But not at zero corruption on lvl 75.

Shaman is its own plural. Just saying.

The internet says you are wrong O.o. I just double checked because I was completely unsure and thought it’s shamans and here we go ^^, it’s shamans.

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You are a brave man. :crazy_face:

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Yeah this had been a thing for so long, theres been a few that have been really obviously bad, but like at this point it’s hard to know whether it’s an intended design decision to have the variance between monoliths so wide, or if they would prefer the variance closer. Generally get the vibe that players want it closer, but who knows for sure.

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