Monolith Shopping (New monster types not worth the time)

In the chapter mode, the new added enemy types were ok, but at high-level monolith, they do make me wanna do monolith shopping. I would just tp and refresh the echo if I run into those nagas. They are just not worth the time and effort as they are way harder to deal with than other type of monsters.

I understand monsters from later story chapter should be harder but the discrepancy is a bit too much if the reward is the same.

But hey if these monsters have higher rarity drop rate, then I wouldn’t mind.


Agree +1


Not saying they should be removed but some tweaking may be in order. In particular for Diamond Matrons in my book.

Diamond Matrons with the affix “Regenerates Health” or worse - “Heals if not damaged recently” Are absolute nightmare fuel for any melee character. They constantly cast their orbital fire laser beam and remain in it and that ability deals pretty insane damage on characters even with overcapped fire resistance. Having more than one in some corners of the map is going a bit beyond ‘challenging’ when you run into it.


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