Monolith rewards unobtainable

In monolith Age of Winter, just finished Mountain Aerie echo, reward was Exalted Rings. Was unable to open the Crystal with rewards at the end, chest opened just fine. Sort of looks like reward crystal is duplicated, one is spinning and another is static.

Edit: Did a quest echo right after, so shouldn’t be a reward crystal, was able to open the chest again just fine, but there is an unmoving crystal stuck in the area now. Will restart game and run another to see if it persists.

Edit 2: Restarting the game did remove the stuck crystal, was able to collect rewards again just fine.

I have received the same bug as this one. I completed an echo and could not access the rewards with the same duplicated visual.
I was using low graphical settings.

Could not attach game log due to file size being too large.

Same issue here. It’s happened twice now (I think twice in a row).
Player.log (4.4 MB)

Edit: Restarting the game seems to have fixed the problem.

Same thing happened here multiple times, no idea what is triggering it as it appears random

I have the exact same issue

Was this occurring in offline or online mode?

Happend to me twice just now within 4 or so monoliths, playing online.

When this issue first started, were you running echoes with at least 1 other player, or had you done so at some point before then during the play session? Or were you exclusively playing alone?

It was in online mode. I have only ever played by myself so far.

Hi, for me it happens in offline mode and for my son in both offline and online mode. It started after 0.9.

Sometime the “bulb” in the middle is unclickable and sometime it is not there. The chest is not highligthed when I hover over it and clicking does nothing.

Tried it with separate quest lines, “The stolen lance” and “Fall of the outcasts”

My Player log. I’ve just finished first echo quest in “The stolen Lance”.

(Edit: This is the second time I do this quest, the quest line have been finished earlier)

Player.log (2.7 MB)

Edit: Included graphics settings
le_graphicsmanager.ini (475 Bytes)

Edit (again): I have a recording if that’s needed but hesitated to upload it here. If it help please send a forum msg and I can mail the file or share it via OneDrive.

happens every day for me since 0.9, need to reset the client. I play solo online

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