Monolith: reward chest collects all rewards until opened

Hello everyone,

It might be a good idea to have the reward chest in the ‘monolith of fate’ collect the rewards of all runs until opened. Running to the chest after every zone gets a little tedious after a while.

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better yet, it would be great the loots from Monolith runs only appear when you completed the objective and open a chest before portal. like D3 greater rift.


So you find opening a big ol’ loot chest tedious?
Why are you playing loot driven games in the first place then?

Your suggestions wouldn’t really work, if you die you will lose all the loot.
Since you return to a area that does not have any chest.
You could get all the loot from the previous echoes (not including the echo you died in)

But this might be an idea for a risk/reward system, where you would get more rewards at once, when you don’t collect the loot, with the risk of losing all, but that might be an entirely different discussion.

I dont find opening a big chest tedious in itself. I do find it gets tedious if i have to to it after every zone. For example: I would prefer running monoliths for a couple of hours and then go and check what rewards I have accumulated.

I like your idea for the risk/reward system. But like you said, that’s an other topic.


Maybe you could have something similar to Diablo 3’s bounties: a cache with the rewards inside. You don’t open your cache, you put it in the stash, then you open everything when back in town.
I also like Heavy’s idea: don’t open, take the risk to either lose everything or get better rewards.


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