Monolith quests

there needs to be a way to tell which areas you have already unlocked when doing the monolith quests. not remembering which one you did the first go around and selecting the wrong one the second time so that it makes you do it a third time is irritating.

When you complete one option, click the pathway to that area, walk over and activate the waypoint.

If you forget later, just press M and see which waypoints are active.

Think he is referring to the inside echo options from NPC, like when you have to defeat lialith in quest 2 in lagon timeline and she is giving you an option for which timeline to unlock but it isnt initially known

normally that would work but in my case i went fully down the right side and started over on the left side, it my just be the one that this happens but when you do that the ending the storm questline makes it impossible to know which one you chose first because you already have all areas unlocked

If you’re doing empowered, it doesn’t matter, everything is unlocked and you can do whatever you want in any order.

If you’re doing normal for the 1st time, there are three (I believe) mono’s which present options:

  • The first one (Fall of Outcasts) - can open lvl 62 or 68 (Stolen Lance or Black Sun)
  • Blood, Frost & Death - can open lvl 75 or 80 (Ending the Storm or Fallen Empire)
  • Ending the Storm - can open lvl 80 or 85 (Fallen Empire or Reign of Dragons)

In all 3 cases, no matter which one you choose to do, after you complete the end quest and open the path chosen, activate the walkway, run over to that mono and activate the waypoint.

Then, in the next mono, while you’re standing in front of the NPC (say, Lialith for example), just press your M key and you can see which waypoints are active and therefore, which options you need or don’t need. This should always work.

correct that would ALMOST always work unless you unlock 85 on the first go round and then go to the left and unlock 80 that way. you would then have to go back and “unlock” 80 again from the right side. in theory i should have just paid attention and im sure that the way i did it is the only way that messes it up so that you dont know which one you unlocked unless you realize that you didnt unlock 80 from that area and instead unlocked it from the other area but there could be an easier way to know which path you already unlocked. i wont make this mistake again but like i said there could be an easier way.

So, there is an optimal path which only makes you run the very first mono twice, and all the rest once.

  • 1st mono twice (open 62 + 68)
  • Do 62 (opens 70)
  • Do 68 (opens 75)
  • Do 70 (open 80)
  • Do 75 (open 85)
  • Do 80 + 85
  • Do 3 90s.
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correct and thats the way i did it, unfortunately you still have to go back to the other 2 to complete the quests. i tried it that way thinking i could skip past the 2 extra runs but it didnt work like i thought it would

What other 2? I have done that pattern 62 times, it works every time (only repeat 1st mono, never others)

you have to chose the other path to be able to complete the quests unless im missing something

I didn’t really pay attention to quest completion, just mono unlocking. I suppose if the quest makes you do that then, yeah. If the quests were worth more XP than 2 or 3 monster kills, I might have bothered… :slight_smile:

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70 and 75 must also be ran twice if we want to complete all the quests.

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