Monolith quests never complete, empowered monoliths never unlock

I have a multiplayer character which seems bugged. At some point when completing a quest echo, it stopped asking me whether I wanted to increase the monolith level. I could still unlock new monoliths, but it always assumed higher levels, up to 90.

Now I am in a situation where it doesn’t seem I can unlock the two final monoliths: “Blood, frost and death” and “The stolen lance”. At the same time, I have two quests remaining for "Fall of the outcasts and “Ending of the storm”. But I have already done these, multiple times. When I finish them, nothing seems to occur; the quest does not complete, the level of that monolith remains the same, and nothing seems to unlock. So, I am permanently locked without being able to unlock empowered monoliths either.

Is there something that can be done about this? The character name is RobortWizard.


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