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Monolith - Problems Exiting Map

If the exit portal from a monolith map is opened at just the correct position in front of a forge, the portal clips through the forge and becomes impossible to select.

Note that, for SC players, it is possible to die on the map to return to Echo of a World with no ill effect, beyond the death itself. (The chest and conquered counter persists.)

Update: Corollary to this issue, if you already cleared the objective and have the dialog box to open the portal, die, return to Echo of a World, you can still open the portal which appears to not do anything.

Could you post a screenshot of the position in question, along with the names of the zones it happens in? Thanks!

Same bug, I am in flooded cavern. Took a screenshot but have not been able to upload to forums. While file type is advisable?

yup found this issue as well

You should also be able to open your own portal (T) while we work on a fix for this.

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