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Monolith of fate - Unique/Set Echos?

Monolith of fate, how many nodes/echos are there in a time that give unique/set items?

Are it random so there can be 1-1000 or are there always the same number of unique/set echos?

If i try to target farm an item, how is it best to do it? finde 1-2 echos and then reset or how?

The reward from an echo is random

As I understand the timeline drop bonuses, they do not rely on farming echoes with unique/set item rewards. Each timeline has an increased chance of dropping unique and set items for a specific gear slot. This bonus (again, as I understand things) is applied to random drops upon killing an enemy. I used this recently when trying to find Raven’s Rise by farming the “Ending the Storm” timeline which offers a boost for gloves. It’s similar to the blessings that give you “+X% [insert item type here] drops” except that it only applies within a specific timeline. I don’t know if the bonus has any impact of the echo rewards when you do an echo with a fixed unique or set item reward.

Ultimately I think your best bet is to simply run echoes, whether they offer set/unique rewards or not, and hope for the random drop. Resetting the timeline by killing the Shade will boost your corruption which will, in turn, boost the rarity of items you find by a percentage. I think focusing only on echo reward types is likely to only prolong your search for the item you’re after.

All of this is moot, of course, if you’re speaking about a timeline boss exclusive drop, so it comes down to what specific item you’re trying to farm.


To more specifically address your question about how many echoes in a timeline have set or unique rewards, it’s entirely random. That said, once you progress from lower level echoes to empowered monolith, they become far more frequent. When I first began empowered it seemed I could take 5 steps in a timeline without tripping over a unique reward echo (this is obviously an exaggeration. Please don’t take it as a guarantee that every 5th echo will award a unique, lol).

-EDIT 2-

As you can see below, my understanding appears to be flawed. Defer to Llama and Heavy as their knowledge of the game and it’s systems far outstrips my own.

Thanks for the edification, guys :slight_smile:

There are two ways to increase the frequency of rare echo type rewards, such as Specific Unique/Set Items or Exalted Items for example:

  • Increase the corruption in the timeline
  • Go as far as possible away from the starting point, the deeper you are in an echo web, the more rare rewards spawn

Everytime you “reveal” new echoes the game rolls, which rewards they have.

It’s no predetermined. It’s RNG, but can be influenced.

While “simply run echoes” is definitely a good startegy, you should still try to increase your corruption and try to go as far as possible away from the starting point.

Also getting the Increased %increased unique drop rate Blessing from “Fall of the Outcasts” Timeline, can help, increasing your chances in getting a desired unqiue as random drop.

No it is not similar to that.

Each timeline has it’s own specific unique/set item echo rewards, which are unique to them.
Those specific unique/set item rewards can only spawn in this timeline.

These specific set/unique item rewards still respect the rarity of unique and set items, so for example if you complete a “Unique or Set Amulet” Echo, the chance of getting an Orian’s Eye is still very very low, but it’s waaaaaaaay higher, than acquiring it via a random drop.

Outside of those specific set/unique items rewards, the “random drop chance” for specific set/unique items will be the same on everytime line.

That’s for the specific nodes that have specific unique/set items as rewards. Fall of the Outcasts, for example, can spawn nodes that drop set/unique bows. It’s not a general bonus to specific gear slots on any/all monoliths you do in that particular one.

This, for example, is a node that will drop a set/unique bow as the monolith reward:

This node will just drop a random set/unique, maybe it’ll be a bow, maybe it won’t:

Blessings are different & affect all drops everywhere.